Clipping images from their background at low costs
BNH Production provides high quality Hand Drawn Image Clipping Paths and Photoshop Masking (Image Masking/Outlining) Services to isolate your images from their background. We use hand-made Photoshop clipping paths or masking techniques for excellent results. As opposed to other methods of digital image masking, 100% of image outlining and clipping paths are performed manually. Thatís why we can assure you to deliver only the highest quality clipping paths. Isolated images can be placed on any new background (color). Ideal for use in catalogues, websites etc.

We are professional graphic designers and deliver images in outstanding quality.

How does it work?
Getting started with our service is simple and doesn't require any up-front or ongoing financial commitment.

Sign up: Please contact us to register your interest in less than 1 minute. We'll get back to you shortly.

Send us your images: Upload your images to the FTP account we'll provide (or send them by email if there are only a few).

Agree to our delivery date and pricing: Once we've reviewed your images we'll quote you a simple per-image price and delivery date.

Relax: we'll get on with processing your images while you carry on with your other tasks. As soon as your masks are finished we'll email you to let you know.

Pay: We'll send you an invoice which you can pay securely online or by bank transfer.

So Contact Us Now! and let us know how we can serve you even better.

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We would like to show you the quality of our work.

Send us one test picture and we will send you the isolated image back within 48 hours free of charge, without any obligations.

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